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  • Changes for Inherited IRAs?

    Relationships and finances confuse you enough already. Then your spouse dies. During a hurricane of emotions you must make tough decisions about such money matters as individual retirement accounts – amid ever-changing rules about money available to you from a spouse’s IRA. By this summer, the rules might change completely.

  • Good Stocks Get Bad News

    Investors often overreact to bad news. When that happens, good companies hit by bad news become that most exquisite thing: a value play. Rule of thumb: When a solid business runs into a temporary mess, it’s likely a buy signal.

  • Cash Balance Plan at Your Biz?

    If you own a business and want larger tax deductions and increased retirement contributions for yourself and your employees, think about a cash balance pension plan.

  • Newlywed Protection

    The ceremony is over. Mom and dad paid the tab for the wedding, you are back from the honeymoon, you wrote your thank you notes. You are settling into a married routine midst the glow of newness. Time to think about financial planning? You bet.

  • Reasons for a Spring Rally

    Despite this year’s anemic start, there’s a decent chance of a spring rally. Don’t expect that to continue for the rest of the year, as it did in 2013.

  • Simplifying Retirees’ Portfolios

    You can go crazy – or worse, invest badly – when all the world’s financial news is a few clicks away. The complexity can be overwhelming. That’s why, in portfolios as in life, think about when and how simple is best.

    Warren Buffet, the most recognized and successful investor of our times, recently discussed provisions in his will – specifically how his final instructions are simple and clear.

  • Tax-Efficient Investing (Pt.2)

    Investing in the market to save for your future can come with a government price tag these days. In our first article we looked at strategies to get the most out of your money without tripping into higher tax brackets. Here are sneaky add-ons that can run up your tax bill.

  • The Fed’s Inflation Problem

    Most people think inflation is bad on its face. But one school of economic thought holds that a little inflation is a good thing, if it is confined to assets like stocks and real estate. But if it spills over to the supermarket or the gas station, no one is an inflation fan. Our central bank’s policy is to goose asset prices, thus getting the sluggish economy finally moving. Trouble is, that kind of precision is a tall order.

  • Tax-Efficient Investing (Pt.1)

    Investing just became a lot more complicated – and expensive – especially if you make a good living. You must squeeze every last advantage out of our tax system.

  • How to Manage Risk Now

    Many investors have skewed ideas about risk. Even after 2013’s stock market run-up, they fear losing money more than they wish to make more. That could be a mistake. What’s the best way to handle risk?

    Investment advisors and financial planners are getting more and more statements of this ilk: “I would like to invest to make more money but I don’t want to take a risk.” Or: “I want an investment more rewarding than a bank account but I want it to be safe.”


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