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  • More Ways to Pay for College

    You probably know some omnipresent methods to meet college costs, such as the 529 savings plans we discussed in our first article. Not everyone chooses a 529, though, so let’s look at other savings alternatives’ plusses – and minuses.

  • Translating Fedspeak

    The Federal Reserve’s new practice of open communication with the public still is an exercise in baffle-gab. The Fed regularly uses language that no one understands, because if America’s taxpayers really knew what’s happening, they’d totally freak. 

  • 529 College Saving How-To

    Advantages of a college education: potentially higher income, self-improvement through learning, friendships to last a lifetime. One big disadvantage: hefty costs. Start saving for higher education now – and, just as important, start saving the right way.

  • The Piggy Bank Strategy

    Wealth starts with a goal, discipline, and saving a dollar at a time. Call it the piggy bank strategy. There are lessons in that time-honored coin-savings container.

    Any seemingly gargantuan task seems easier to contemplate when reduced to baby steps. If you wished to climb a 12,000-foot mountain, and could do it a day at a time, you would only have to climb 33 feet daily to reach your summit.

  • World Problems and U.S. Stocks

    Remember when overseas events influenced the U.S. stock market? From 2010 through 2012, the market zigged and zagged in time with the European debt crisis. Now that the Federal Reserve plans to wind down its stimulus program, which has propped up American stocks, get ready for more shocks from aboard.

  • Scary News? Keep Your Focus

    What can you and other investors do about Russia, vanished airliners or whatever tomorrow’s headlines bring? How does the Ukraine crisis affect your providing income for you and your family for the rest of your lives? The answer – in this age of rat-ta-tat information about disasters – fixes your whole mindset about investing.

  • How Do You Manage Wealth?

    For some, “wealth management” means managing money. For others, setting up estate planning. For still others, planning how to protect assets. There’s no right universal answer – but the answer for you dictates your entire investing and saving philosophy.

  • Speed Trading Does Rig Markets

    To hear the blowback from Wall Street, Michael Lewis’s book slamming high-frequency trading is misguided, naïve and inaccurate. But the Lewis book, Flash Boys, is spot-on. HFT does rig the stock market against small investors.

    His take:

  • Michael Lewis’ Hyperbole

    According to author Michael Lewis’ new book, the stock market is “rigged.” The reason: Professional traders armed with super-fast computers get better prices than you. But several smart advisors think his diagnosis is overblown, saying that HFT  harms mainly day traders and that Lewis ignores the good that faster connections bring, such as lowering costs and expanding liquidity.

  • Pet Financial Planning

    Are you a good pet owner? Owning an animal means more than feeding it and loving it. Pets aren’t cheap, so doing right by Fido or Tabby involves financial planning.


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