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  • Too Many Stocks: Bad Idea?

    Are you a retiree with most of your retirement investments in stocks? Good idea? No: Even as the markets near or notch records every day, stay conscious of risks of not diversifying between classes of assets.

    A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed how retirement savers are putting more money into stocks. Two excerpts:

  • How to Get Back Into Stocks

    Is it too late to get back into the booming stock market? You were better off riding out the downturn and enjoying the subsequent run-up. Still, if you are late to this party, there still are smart ways to re-enter.

    Many investors are returning at this late date. "Retirement Investors Flock Back to Stocks" was the front-page headline of The Wall Street Journal on May 2. I retweeted it to my Twitter feed, adding, "Just In Time To Ride Them To The Bottom Again."

  • Your Wealth Checkup (Pt. 1)

    You unfailingly schedule your annual physical and health screenings and dental checkups for you and your family. Schedule time for a regular wealth checkup, too, to determine your money situation today and how close you are to your financial tomorrow.

    Here’s part one of what you need to do at least annually to make sure your money works hard for you.

  • Inflation: Wages Matter Most

    Inflation still hasn’t found its way into the broad economy, despite all the money that government stimulus created over the past six years since the financial crisis. But even though some prices are up lately, don’t look for robust inflation to appear unless wage levels rise appreciably. And that is not likely to happen soon.

  • Advisors and Better Returns?

    Can you quantify a smarter way to own mutual funds? Vanguard Group thinks so. It believes you – and specifically your advisor – could add more than three percentage points to your returns by adopting seven principles.

    Vanguard, which specializes in low-costs index funds, recently published a report that lists the seven value-added types of advice that advisors can use to potentially fatten your performance. To make their idea a reality, of course, you need to choose the right fund manager.

  • Mechanics of 401(k)s (Pt. 3)

    Yes, you can tap your 401(k) for a loan even before your legal withdrawal age, although turning elsewhere to borrow is usually a better idea. You should know the rules and pitfalls built into 401(k) lending. They are many.

  • Job = Insurance: Outdated

    Critics and supporters of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, tend to gloss over one key issue with the whole plan: Employment still, largely, equals health coverage.

  • Who Really Is Rich?

    Wealth is defined by net worth, not income. A high income doesn't equal wealth; it equals a better opportunity to build wealth. Not everyone is wise enough to take advantage of that opportunity.

    "How much money do you make?" We don't ask people that question, but we'd love to know the answer. In this country, we fixate on a person’s annual income. That's the primary measure we use to determine social status and define success.

  • Mechanics of 401(k)s (Pt. 2)

    How do you take money out of a retirement plan? This is tricky, because one wrong move can cost you in taxes and penalties. The process is complicated, to say the least.

  • Why the Market Hasn’t Peaked

    Has the stock market, which continues to reach new highs, topped out? Not yet. Here are four reasons I believe the stock market hasn’t reached its peak.


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