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  • Figuring Monthly Benefits

    Many people file for Social Security right at retirement and soon see a statement showing potential benefits at various stages of life. What if you don’t file at age 62 or 66? Here’s the math to compute your monthly benefit no matter when you file.

  • How Target Date Funds Miss

    Simplicity is the biggest advantages of target date funds. But simpler is not better. Many of these funds, designed to grow more conservative as investors age, still are too risky. And too often, they fall short as a financial planning tool because they don’t take into account individuals’ needs.

  • 10 Key Pre-Retirement Steps

    Retirement takes a lot of planning and decades of preparation. You’ve gathered assets, set up a home and perhaps raised children. Now is the time to enjoy all you have achieved. But as you move from the world of work into retirement, here are 10 key steps to take first.

    They are:

    1. Prepare a budget that takes into consideration typical monthly costs and your plan for big potential expenses (e.g., travel, home renovations, moving).

  • 3 Key Dividend Dates

    We all have important dates to remember in our lives, such as birthdays and anniversaries. When it comes to investing for dividends, investors should memorize three key dates: date of declaration, date of record and date of payment.

    Some companies offer dividend-paying stocks, which give their shareholders a percentage of the profits in cash, usually quarterly. Sometimes, companies pay large special dividends, such as Microsoft in 2004, because they have excess cash on their books.

  • The Reluctant Bulls of 2014

    This is the year of the reluctant bull – a market that rises despite widespread investor qualms. This past summer shows how a choppy stock market can deceive investors, tempting them to do the wrong thing: exit equities.

  • Spending Money Right

    It isn’t how much you earn that makes you rich, it’s how much you keep — your net worth. And it isn’t how much you are worth that makes you happy; it’s what you spend it on.

  • Getting Help for Special Needs

    The most effective way to provide a great life for your loved one with special needs is to access both public and private resources. Unlocking this money from public resources often starts with asking the right questions.

  • You’re a Millionaire? Big Deal

    For many, millionaire status is a pipe dream. But to be reasonably comfortable in your golden years, a million dollars is only the threshold.

    Celebrated in song, literature, movie plots and motivational seminars, becoming a millionaire status was a sign of financial independence. In the past, perhaps. Today, not so much.

  • Checking Your Advisor

    If you’re one of the some 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 15 years, your looming retirement probably spurs you to seek out a financial advisor to help with money decisions as you leave the workforce. Everywhere you see professionals with strings of letters after their names. How do you find the right advisor with the right credentials for you?

  • Curbing Taxes on Inheritances

    Inheriting appreciated assets from your deceased spouse can bring a host of financial complications at the time of life when you already have too much on your mind. Here’s the math to know how to be prepared – and maybe save on taxes.


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