In the News

11.10.14 Tribune Content Agency announces the addition of two new content contributors to the business content offerings of the Tribune News Service
09.24.14 RIABiz notes National Financial Advisor Week during FPA interviews
09.23.14 WSJ interviews National Financial Advisor Week Panelist Hilary Hendershott
09.20.14 interview caps off National Financial Advisor Week
09.19.14 USA TODAY reports from Times Square during National Financial Advisor Week
09.19.14 Foreign Language publications covering Times Squares' National Financial Advisor Week
09.15.14 Yahoo Finance interviews AIQ CEO on National Financial Advisor Week and tips on using an advisor
09.12.14 CBS News interviews AIQ CEO on AdviceIQ and National Financial Advisor Week
08.22.14 previews National Financial Advisor Week for Fund Executives
8.11.14 Article by AdviceIQ contributor Mary Beth Storjohann is focus of local TV news piece
8.07.14 AdviceIQ Signs Retirement Revolution as Enterprise Client
06.17.14 AdviceIQ to host first-ever National Financial Advisor Week
06.17.14 AdviceIQ/Meridian-IQ Powers Inaugural CNBC Top Advisor Ranking
05.16.14 AdviceIQ CEO joins Stands Up For Financial Literacy at NYSE opening bell
04.16.14 AdviceIQ opens headquarters to partners and clients
04.09.14 AdviceIQ CEO asked to weigh in on new SEC Testimonial Rule
04.09.14 Announcing AdviceIQ's first digital ad promoting Advisors to investors
02.24.14 Wall Street Journal quotes AdviceIQ contributor Lon Jeffries on enticing clients back into the market
02.23.14 AdviceIQ/Meridian-IQ Stands Up For Financial Literacy
02.16.14 USA Today begins publishing select AdviceIQ articles, starting with contributor David John Marrotta
01.31.14 AdviceIQ Editor-in-Chief joins Thought Leader Roundtable on the “Advisor of the Future”
01.24.14 AdviceIQ partners with Advisors Ahead to launch next generation of Financial Advisors
12.16.13 notes AdviceIQ as one of the solutions to bring planning to masses
11.25.13 Investment News profiles AdviceIQ as a new way to add clients
11.21.13 PBS’ nextavenue interviews AdviceIQ editor Larry Light on usefulness of Yelp-like ratings of Advisors
11.15.13 AdviceIQ CEO quoted in NY Times with perspectives and tips on spotting a Ponzi scheme
09.23.13 Stonehenge Innovate NY Fund, backed with capital from New York State and Goldman, invest in AIQ, Inc.
09.19.13 The Wall Steet Journal highlights AdviceIQ’s ‘Zero pay-to-play’ policy.
09.06.13 AdviceIQ quoted in the FT’s Financial Advisor IQ article on digital branding
08.28.13 AIQ, Inc. interviewed about its expansion plans
08.22.13 AIQ, Inc. Investor speaks about AdviceIQ on Bloomberg TV
08.12.13 Myth Debunked: Advisors are not only for the well off
07.19.13 AdviceIQ and Advisor Impact announce strategic partnership
06.10.13 Journal of financial planning discusses adviceiq financial literacy survey
05.14.13 Reuters names AdviceIQ as offering to help advisors manage online image
04.09.13 Advisor Today reports on AdviceIQ’s first annual Financial Literacy Flash Survey
04.09.13 references AdviceIQ’s first annual Financial Literacy Flash Survey in story on investing with young advisors
04.08.13 AIQ, Inc. Completes $5 Million Series A Equity Financing
04.03.13 AdviceIQ Financial Literacy Survey featured in Bloomberg Businessweek story, “Young Women Are Bad at Money, Say Old Men”
04.03.13 Financial Advisors Weigh in on Money Acumen in AdviceIQ’s Inaugural Survey
03.25.13 AdviceIQ’s Nick Stuller refutes misleading, anti-advisor book in article
02.28.13 CEO of AdviceIQ appears on Reuters 'Money Clip'
01.30.13 AdviceIQ named as emerging firm helping advisors grow
01.28.13 Debate Challenge to Anti-Advisor Book's Author
12.10.12 CNBC article on how AdviceIQ arms investors with the right questions for their advisor
12.10.12 Yahoo Finance video interviewing AdviceIQ CEO on picking an advisor and avoiding the next Madoff
12.07.12 New York Times writes about AdviceIQ as tool to help investors avoid future Madoffs
11.08.12 AdviceIQ sourced and interviewed on PBS’ Nightly Business Report television segment
11.07.12 Money Concepts, leading Independent Broker Dealer is latest AdviceIQ enterprise client
10.15.12 AIQ, Inc., makers of Meridian-IQ and AdviceIQ contribute to the Foundation for Financial Planning
10.09.12 uses AdviceIQ/Meridian-IQ data to rank the cities with greatest advisory firm startups
09.28.12 Financial Planning Association announces strategic collaboration with AdviceIQ
09.25.12 AIQ, Inc. announces the Launch of, Pioneering Financial Advisor Directory Vets Advisors with all Regulatory Agencies
09.17.12 Forbes contributor Gene Marcial on AdviceIQ's mission to eliminate fraud risk for the investor
08.24.12 AdviceIQ CEO Nick Stuller comments for on the helpfulness of specialized financial advisers for couples and wedding planning
08.20.12 AdviceIQ is featured in a Dow Jones report on the open look into adviser's client base through the AdviceIQ adviser directory
08.09.12 now an AdviceIQ content partner, hosting a variety of articles for their audience
08.08.12 Michael Kitces, author of Nerd’s Eye View blog, mentions AdviceIQ as a resource for generating leads and advisor due diligence
08.03.12 Chuck Jaffe of the Money Life Show interviews AdviceIQ CEO Nick Stuller about why people don’t trust financial advisors
07.09.12 Jordan Goodman of the Money Answers Show interviews AdviceIQ’s Nick Stuller and Gary Liberman on bridging the gap between consumers and financial advisors
06.13.12 mentions AdviceIQ’s  financial advisor rankings and advisor publications as a benefit to consumers
06.06.12 Family Wealth Report mentions the syndication efforts of AdviceIQ
06.04.12 mentions AdviceIQ as a competitor in online financial advisor databases with the uniqueness of due diligence
05.06.12 CEO of AdviceIQ, Nick Stuller, presents at the FPA Retreat 2012. Discusses how transparency, education and the web impact trust and can result in new clients for the financial advisor
03.21.12 AdviceIQ ranked advisor and contributor, Raul Elizalde, has reported publication in The Motley Fool and Morningstar with the help of AdviceIQ partner program
09.19.11 Editor-in-Chief of AdviceIQ, Larry Light, speaks with Rich Santos at FPA about the upcoming release of AdviceIQ
12.06.10 Penton Announces Investment in AIQ, Inc., Wealth Management Business